Together with parents, CTIA and its members want to make the digital age one that benefits families and promotes safe, responsible wireless use for all ages. The following information provides tips for parents to navigate mobile parenting and keep their kids safe when using a wireless device.

Restrict Adult Content

Wireless devices and mobile apps are equipped with content filtering features and control settings that allow parents to restrict or block adult websites, search terms, images, and apps on their kids’ devices. Learn how these features work on your device to protect your kids from inappropriate content.

Protect Your Kid's Privacy

As kids are growing up in an increasingly connected world, having conversations from an early age can teach kids the importance of online safety and protecting themselves in the digital age. Use these tips to help keep your kids information safe and secure online.

Help Stop Cyberbullying

The Golden Rule – treat others how you want to be treated – is just as important in the digital world as it is in the physical world. Learn how you can help stop cyberbullying and teach your kids how to make a positive impact by promoting examples of good digital behavior.

Stay Safe on Social Media

Setting clear rules for why, when, and how your kids use social media and gaming apps is important for establishing a healthy balance of socialization, expression, entertainment and safety on these platforms. Explore these tips for promoting a safe, positive experience for your kids when they start using social media.

Start Your Mobile Parenting Journey

There are a lot of benefits for kids to be wirelessly connected in today’s digital age, and only you can decide when the right time is for your child to have their first phone or device. When that time comes, use these tips to help guide your mobile parenting journey.

App Guides

Developing the best family rules for when, where and how your kids should use their wireless devices starts with understanding how kids are using mobile technology, and that may include mobile apps. Explore these tips to ensure your kids are using apps safely and appropriately.